Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is Mise Le Meas?

Let me start off my apologising to the purists for using a Gaelic title for what is going to be an blog in the English language - but I was having real problems coming up with a name that hadn't yet been used.

For those that don't speak Gaelic, and I am one, Is Mise Le Meas means "With my regards".

One of the limitations of blogs is that they are set up to be in date order. This is difficult for me as I am the type of person that leaves everything until the last minute and then tackles it *just* before the job becomes insurmountable.

So here I am, rewriting history. Today is the 26th of September and I am trying to re-write my very first blog entry.

I think this brings up some interesting questions about blogs.
Do they have to be in date order?
Could I organise my blog by subject order instead so that I could use it to give referencing help in particular subjects ... help that I could update as the questions come in?
Could I have students post their questions as comments and then answer their questions on my blog?
Is that a useful thing to do - or would I be better off using a wiki where students could comment but not edit?
Apart from a 'diary' or a running commentry is a blog really useful?
I can see many uses - but all of then involve being of the moment - news - new resources - anything current that you want to get out immediately.

And what about the blogs veracity when you can go back and change it long afterwards, without it appearing clear that you have done so? Honestly, how many of us haven't wished at some point we could edit the diaries we wrote as kids? Get rid of any mention of the person we had a crush on that turned out to be a most unfortunate choice?
I wish I had bought a ticket to this weeks lotto - I had the numbers - honestly - if you don't believe me have a look - I wrote them on my blog!
Is my old blog entry preserved somewhere on GOOGLE, or can I really re-write the past?


eyesee said...

Sorry, and I thought it meant "sincerely". Go raibh maith agat

Klickety said...

All I have to say is :

guh nih-heh on cot hoo iss guh nih-heh on jowel on cot



ECU Library Learning 2.0 said...

I woas nixn von dese Gaelic SaupreiƟ Schprocha oba I kon a bissel guats Boarisch

ELLE said...

Well, my comment will be in English, enough of that showing off. The naming of ones Blog is an intersting study. Most have trouble and most spend some time on it. I like the Gaelic touch really